The Election

I think by this time we can all agree that we are ready for this *Bad word I shouldn’t say because my family reads this* up election needs to come to an end. People are HEATED. Let tell ya, I can barely scroll down my news feed without unfriending people, which is a shame, because of of them are pretty cool…just not this year.

Here’s how I see it. You’ve got a shady politician and then you’ve got a sexist, racist, privileged man who has no business even being in politics. You guys have already made up your minds!!! Those of you that are all, “Oh I have no idea who to vote for,” you’re probably not going to. Trump people, you’re not changing any Hillary supporters’ minds. Hillary people, you’re not changing Trump supporters’ minds. End of story. Unless it comes out that one of them you know, had people killed and wrote sneaky emails, or that they made an extremely offensive (to women everywhere) statement…. oh wait! That is actually exactly what happened! And people are still spouting off their opinions left and right on social media. It is what it is. Even if it is really really terrible. We know. We all agree. So chill out. Sharing videos made by biased media outlets and random “gossip” news sites are going to do absolutely nothing but annoy people. It’s not opening people’s eyes or swaying their vote, it’s just obnoxious. We are nearing the end of a highly embarrassing election year, and unless you’ve got your visa and you’re moving far away for a few years (props to you), just let it go.

Do what you can to vote and support your community and values at a local level. That is where things will get done. Don’t speak up at election time when you’re unhappy with how things have turned out, do it all the time. Then at least we will all see your Facebook posts and say, “Oh, that silly dave, he’s always posting political things! That’s his life!”



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