Sustainable and Ethical Fashion…YAY or NAY?

We’ve all experienced the organic food movement, the all natural beauty movement, and now we are seeing the beginning of the ethical clothing movement. I know I know, 938% (not a real statistic) of people shop at H&M, Zara, Forever21, and Asos without thinking twice. There is a story there, though. So much going on in the fashion industry right now that I believe needs to be talked about.

The re-launch of this blog came about for several reasons: my move to New York City, my lack of passion for what I was writing, and the very real issues going on in fashion that need to be shared with consumers. By no means do I consider myself an expert on the topic (yet), but I do believe in human rights and leaving the world a better place while remaining super chic. My goal with this blog isn’t to shove the idea of natural linen pants down the throats of American shoppers, but instead to show consumers how to make small adjustments that will have a big effect. I hate that when a lot of people think of secondhand hand shopping they think of thrift stores, and when people think of sustainable clothing they think of those basic “sustainable” lines out there that consist of clothes that look like the H&M basics line.

If you want tips on how to look stylish and on trend while doing good for the world and maybe even finding some great deals now and then, this blog is definitely for you! If you want to look at pictures of people of love makeup, wear Chanel and CΓ©line, and vacation in Europe, this blog is also for you! Because this isn’t your typical I-wear-white-t-shirts-and-cargo-pants-made-of-recycled-plastic-sustainable style blog. I go to NYFW, I live in Manhattan, my favorite evening wear designer is Elie Saab. Like….I’m a normal fashion-y girl who has made a decision to be more conscious about the environment, and I hope I can help you do the same!


Expect to see more looks like the one below, and learn where to find similar pieces!

Clothes fromΒ Beacon’s Closet and Crossroads
photos by laurel creative


Before you say anything…I know not everyone has access to the world’s best consignment stores! For those of you interested in recreating a similar look check out some of my favorite pieces below!

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