Made For America: Levi’s

So I’m trying to stay on an every Sunday posting schedule, but due to some family visits and a week long birthday celebration, that sort of Β got side tracked.

What better time to discuss an All-American brand than the 4th of July?! Sure they may not be made in America, but Levi’s are clearly made for America. I mean, what’s more American that blue jeans? This brand has not only done a brilliant job of rebranding themselves to the trendier crowd, but they have also remained sustainable and ethical through this process. They make higher quality clothes that are made to last, as opposed to the $9.99 H&M jeans we probably all have hanging in our closets.

7 Reasons you should be purchasing your denim from Levi’s

Reason #1: Levi’s was the first multinational brand to create a workplace code of conduct for its manufacturing suppliers.

Reason #2: Levi’s shares case studies that display how the company has handled code of conduct violations in the past.

Reason #3: Levi’s has a global ban on sandblasting

Reason #4: Levi’s is a member of the better cotton initiative

Reason #5: Levi’s aims to use 100% renewable energy in its operations and supply chain

Reason # 6: Levi’s is committed to marriage equality

Reason # 7: Levi’s was the first company to set in place financial initiatives for garment factories in developing countries

source: Project just


Of course there’s always room for improvement (people just say that all the time), but if you haven’t actually seen what Levi’s is offering lately I highly suggest taking a look. Odds are, these jeans are going to fit better and last a lot longer than what a lot of us are currently wearing. I’m not too sure why I always had a negative image of the company in my head, probably flashbacks to shopping at the Levi’s outlet in middle school and thinking that farmers and people who wear khakis are the only people who shop there, but they are actually WAY on trend. They’ve got some classic, some chic, some boho, some 90’s, some hipster…etc.

Check out their website or shop some of my favorite pieces below.




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  • Reply LIZ July 11, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    I’m so surprised at the comeback this company has made! Their marketing efforts have really helped!

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