The Marie Claire Sustainable Issue

Well, it’s official. Sustainable fashion has made its first step into mainstream media! Thank you to Marie Claire and the Natural Resources Defense Council for this issue. It is important, it’s exciting, and it’s just down right AMAZING. If you all have not picked up the latest issue, please do so!! It’s honestly so good, and it’s proof that sustainability can be cool too. With random facts about sustainability throughout the magazine and highlights of people changing the sustainable fashion game, it’s perfect for an introduction to the industry.

Reasons to read:

  1. From Adidas to Brother Vellies  to Stella McCartney to Nike, this issue highlights 12 people that are advocating for sustainability in fashion.
  2. Miroslava Duma, founder of NY Fashion Tech Lab, is guest-editing this issue. (See future post on NY Fashion Tech Lab)
  3. See the latest trends and styles (RIGHT OFF THE RUNWAYS) but by companies that are environmentally conscious
  4. Learn random facts about the industry with no extra work! (Facts like: THE FASHION INDUSTRY IS THE SECOND-LARGEST POLLUTER AFTER OIL) #wakeupcall
  5. Because by purchasing this issue and taking an interest in these issues, you are joining the fight to save our planet and use your voice to stand up for what is right



Stay on trend this Summer with these sustainable pieces (and pick up the latest issue of Marie Claire!)



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